Classified Employee of the Year


Photo Credit: Shannon Overby

Patty Lasko is this year’s Classified Employee of the month. Lasko sits happily at her desk as she awaits students’ arrivals.

Katie Miller and Emma Rose Olsen, Rooster Reporter and A&E/ Features Editor

Every year at Reagan, a staff member is nominated as Classified Employee of the Year. This award is given to a staff member who is hardworking and demonstrates all the qualities of being a part of “Raider Nation.” 

The process for choosing the Classified Employee of the Year is fairly simple. 

Science teacher and SIT Chair (School Improvement Team) Edward Thutt sends out an email to the Reagan employees for them to nominate others for the award. The list is then narrowed down to the top three and the staff picks their top pick from there. The employee with the most votes wins.

This year’s winner was Patty Lasko, who works in the school library alongside Lauren Fossa. Lasko was nominated for Classified Employee of the year back in December. 

“I was thrilled and honored to be nominated along with two other employees that are incredible,” Lasko said. “We all three really deserve this title, especially this year.”

Whenever Mr. Royal announced the winner, Lasko said that she was in disbelief at first.

“This is such an honor to win Employee of the Year because I work with such an amazing staff and for them to choose me, means more to me than anyone can know,” said Lasko. 

Lasko began her career in the WSFCS system in 2009, but started working at Reagan in 2015 as a Media Assistant.

“My favorite part about working at Reagan is helping the students find books,” Lasko said, “maybe in a different genre or just for the joy of reading.” 

One thing that has kept Lasko grounded in all her years of working in the school system is her family. Lasko has been married for 38 years to her husband Eric. 

They have two children, Emily and Michael. Emily is 29 years old, graduating in May with her Ph.D. Michael is currently 25 years old and has been in the Marines since 2014.

 “We are both so proud of our kids, they both have excelled in life and in their careers,” said Lasko and husband. 

A fun fact about Lasko is that she is terrified of heights, but that has not stopped her from going ziplining with her kids or parasailing with her friends.

Even with helping out with the school during COVID-19 and most people being at home, Lasko has continued to do a great job and makes the best out of the situation.

“I love working at Reagan,” she said, “The staff is amazing as well as our students. We all really miss seeing the students this past year.” 

“I am so fortunate to work at Reagan,” Lasko said.