Graduating class participates in senior assassins


Tanner Higgins eliminates Delaney Potts. Senior assassins is the annual game for the graduating class where seniors eliminate their fellow assassins until the last assassin is standing.

Senior Assassins, the annual game that seniors play for the adrenaline rush of success and the mystery that someone is lurking around waiting to make their “kill.”

“It’s really fun but definitely scary knowing the opposition are lurking around,” said senior Devon Young. “You always got to keep your head on a swivel, so you don’t get caught lacking coming out of a corner store.”

This year’s game is being run by seniors Ashleigh Larson and Gideon Kadlac. Each player pays $10 by a certain date to enter, and all the money collected will go to the winners of various prizes. There is a prize for the assassin with the first kill, most kills and last person standing. 

“I have definitely seen that some people take the game very seriously,” Kadlac said. “They will put themselves on the line just to win.” 

The basic rules are that each player on the official roster is assigned a target who will be anonymous to the other assassins. The only eligible equipment to “assassinate” someone is a toy water gun. The killing cannot happen on school campus and there is a “no killing grace period” of five minutes before and after any school related events. Another student must witness and verify the kill, and a kill is only confirmed by proof of water on clothing verified by either Larson or Kadlac.

The game starts with a week-long “Open Season” when everyone has a chance to take out their target. Once a kill has been made, the assassin is now considered “safe” and cannot be killed until the next round. Assassins can only proceed to the next round if they have a kill. This pattern continues until there is one assassin left. 

The Senior Assassins game has long been considered a senior tradition. Many join for the fun and competition, but some this year have joined to fulfill their high school memories that may have been missing due to COVID-19.

“There was no true motivation to join the game besides the aspect of having fun,” said senior Tanner Higgins. “This is my final year of high school, and it has been pretty shaky due to the coronavirus. So I just wanted to make my last moments in high school fun and memorable.”

While the game can be fun and amusing, especially with friends, some seniors also mentioned that it is every man for themselves because those same friends can be the reason one is assassinated.

Tanner Higgins ambushed Selena Cabrera for an elimination. Senior assassins is mentioned to be a game where seniors can have fun with and make memories after missing most of their high school experience due to COVID-19.

“It is all fun and games, but people will do whatever it takes to get someone out,” said senior Abby Fuentes. “No one is your real friend during the game. We saw so many people get set up, played and back-stabbed by friends for the fun of the game.”

Current seniors hope the following classes continue this enjoyable game tradition for Reagan. Many seniors advise to the rising seniors who may participate in next year’s game to play fair, safe and could reward one of their last moments in high school.

“To the juniors, please keep this tradition going,” Higgins said. “Make sure you play with the same fairness as the senior classes of the past and, most importantly, enjoy it. Your high school experience has also been plagued by the coronavirus so make the most out of your final moments in high school.”

Both Larson and Kadlac are very thankful that they had the opportunity to run this year’s game. They have noticed how successful this year’s game has been and are glad that they made it happen for the Class of 2022.

“I am so glad we were all allowed to play the game this year and have fun as a senior class,” Larson said. “Running the game has allowed me to reconnect with many people before college. I am so thankful for this senior class and their great sportsmanship.”

NOTE: Senior Assassins is not sanctioned by Reagan High School, and no associated activity may occur on campus.