The Single Person’s Guide to Survive Valentine’s Day

Single people may not have a significant other for Valentine’s Day but they can still feel the love.


Keira Funes-Torres

Valentine’s Day decorations and cards are on display at the Neighborhood Walmart on the corner of Meadowlark Drive and Country Club Road. Signs for Valentine’s Day have been more inclusive and even if someone doesn’t have a significant other, they can still enjoy the day by sharing love to family, friends and themselves.

Keira Funes-Torres, Rooster Reporter

Many couples on Feb. 14 spotlight their affection for each other to everyone whether the public wishes to bear witness or not. They post on social media, go to candlelight dinners, exchange gifts and spend the whole day together. But there are others who do not have a significant other to spend the day with. 

Single people may want to lie in bed the whole day and wallow in self-pity because they have to spend the day alone either by choice, or they have recently separated from their significant other or they just haven’t found the one yet. It can be frustrating for the singles in the world to think of Valentine’s Day as only for couples when it is really a holiday where everyone can show their affection to anyone.

To celebrate this year’s day of happiness and love, the list below has ideas and activities to do with family, friends or by yourselves. 

  • Plan a “Palentine’s” Day – Plan a day with some close friends to do activities around the city. For example, partners or a group can shop, eat, go bowling or play mini golf. Then after the long day, relax and watch a movie or have a game night. 
  • Have a family dinner or activity – Plan and invite family members to go out to a local park, restaurant or even just stay inside and have a game night with takeout.
  • Spread love by giving gifts to yourself or others – To receive or give gifts can mean a lot to someone even if the gift is from themselves. You can even take advantage of the holiday trends and buy items like flowers, chocolates or a stuffed animal.
  • Focus on your New Year’s goals – It’s been just over a month since New Year’s and there are resolutions that need to be accomplished. So take the day to continue keeping up with your resolutions or make a new list of things to accomplish. 
  • Take a self-care day – On a self-care day, you can stay in or go out, but all that is required for this day is to take care of yourself. This can include doing some of your favorite hobbies or taking the day to improve your physical and mental health by going for a run or journaling.
  • Take a cheat day – Stay in and get comfortable in bed with your favorite food and snacks with a movie on the big screen.
  • Ignore Valentine’s Day altogether – Ignore what the special day may mean to others and continue the day as if it was like any other normal day.

Remember that Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and affection for everyone. The day is no longer only about couples, so observe the day however you like.