“Clouds” is a crying film for sure


Picture by Ella Lambiris

The movie clouds is a PG-13 film based on a true story. This film is filled with a roller coaster of emotions

Ella Lambiris, Rooster Reporter

The movie Clouds is a PG-13 drama film based on a true story about a teenage boy named Zach Sobiech, played by Fin Argus. 

Zach is fighting cancer, which he later finds out is terminal. While continuing to live life and follow his dreams of producing music with his best friend Sammy, played by Sabrina Carpenter. 

Clouds is very heavyhearted and a movie I got very emotionally attached to. It is filled with the hard truths about fighting cancer and watching someone you love slowly get taken away from you. 

Throughout Zach’s final months, his Mom (Neve Campbell), Sammy and his girlfriend Amy (Madison Iseman) never let him fight alone.  

Zach and Sammy eventually write and produce their own song also called “Clouds.”It goes viral, getting them many interviews and recognition from the news and big music companies. 

Despite the hardships Zach faced, he always managed to stay positive and thrived to make those around him laugh and smile. 

The movie Clouds is very similar to The Fault in our Stars. If you are looking for a film to bawl your eyes out to,  Clouds is the one for you.  

“Clouds was a great movie filled with tears, smiles and heartbreak that opened my eyes on what it is really like to have a terminal illness,” said sophomore Amelia Nordskog.