The Adam Project (2022): Sci-Fi in nature, but a moving family film at heart


Still image by Doane Gregory/Netflix

Ryan Reynolds and Walker Socbel play past and present versions of protagonist Adam Reed in the 2022 film “The Adam Project”. “The Adam Project” is a witty, heart warming Sci-Fi and great film to watch with family and friends.

Eliza Gifford, Co-News Editor

Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, and Mark Ruffalo. Names like these are definitely ones that catch people’s attention and definitely did so with “The Adam Project,” which was featured in Netflix’s top ten movies for a couple of weeks. Released on March 11, 2022, “The Adam Project” features this superstar cast and a few other new, very talented actors. 

Big names like these, especially the increasingly popular Reynolds, can sometimes be seen as just a way to grab the audience’s attention and distract from a movie’s plot and story- or lack thereof. However, the superstar cast in “The Adam Project” added greatly to the film and did not come off as gimmicky. 

The movie follows Adam Reed, a time-traveling pilot played by Reynolds as he teams up with his younger self, played by Walker Scobell, to figure out how to save their future.  

With any movie concerning space and time travel, there is always the possibility of overcomplicating the science and timelines, making it too difficult for audiences to follow. “The Adam Project” definitely avoids this problem and simplifies all the space-time continuum theories to just a few easy to follow plot points. 

This oversimplification of science does create an issue of its own. When sacrificing logic to make things easier to understand, some people are bound to point out and critique aspects of the film. “The Adam Project” is labeled as sci-fi, but going into it expecting complex theories and answers to all the questions of time and multiversal travels is definitely setting oneself up for disappointment. Though maybe the word “quantum” was used without any supporting logic one too many times, the film is a heart-warming and witty movie about family that should be viewed as such. 

The movie offers a lot for many different audiences and might not be the most mind-blowing, but it is a great film to watch with a group of family or friends. It covers many genres and ideas, from action to suspense with the chases and quick getaways or humor and heartbreak, and does so without dabbling too much in basic cliches. 

One great aspect of the film is the young version of Adam Reed. Child actors are frequently seen as untalented and often distracting from a movie’s potential but nothing could apply less to Socbell in “The Adam Project.”

The scenes of dialogue between Reynolds and Socbell were hilarious and really made the film. Being portrayed not only just on-screen but actually as a younger version of someone as hilarious as Reynolds would be a daunting task, but Socbell’s wit and humor carry extremely well and helps him stand out against Reynolds. 

“The Adam Project” was Scobells debut film and the performance he gives, despite being as new and young as he is, truly is very impressive. And if Scobell’s great acting wasn’t enough, there is still the enormous talent of Ruffalo and Garnder  that makes it worth watching. 

The interesting plot, funny yet heartwarming characters and incredible acting make the film great, but there were some issues that, though overshadowed, were prevalent. For one, the special effects in this movie were sub-pare. There is a lot of futuristic technology and sometimes it comes off looking out of place and not very well done. Though never incredibly distracting, after watching it more than once one would really start to notice all the visual flaws.

These little faults are definitely enough to annoy some audiences but I think the intent of “The Adam Project” isn’t to impress snobby movie critics and win awards. “The Adam Project” was made to be enjoyed surrounded by loved ones with a big bowl of popcorn and to simply just entertain,  it is safe to say this heartwarming and witty movie does just that.