Chris Pinnix Hometown Hero


Mary Gillon and Taylor Ann Hartley

Social studies teacher Chris Pinnix is a friendly and well-known teacher at Reagan and within the community of Pfafftown. He can often be seen at the local Food Lion and the Pfafftown-renowned Mexican restaurant, El Maguey. Pinnix is deeply rooted in the community and is often called the “Mayor of Pfafftown.”  

Pinnix works closely with various charitable organizations through his church and through the school. His most well-known project is “Mohawk Madness,” which encourages students to donate money for low-income children who attend surrounding elementary schools and their families each year. Mohawk Madness brings larger totals each year for the program and more students volunteer to help.

Pinnix also encourages students to participate in the annual canned food drive. He offers incentives for the students in his class, so they will donate and organize cans.           

“He truly cares about the people in the community and is always eager to lend a hand,” says environmental science teacher Stephanie Pearson. “His involvement in the backpack program and Mohawk Madness are just one of the ways he is involved.”

Students love Pinnix for his laid-back classes and willingness to listen. His class is enjoyed by many students because of the low-pressure environment and 80s music playlists.

“I like how enjoyable and stress-free the class is,”  junior Cooper Sullivan said. “He’s always open and caring about everyone. He’s the best teacher here, hands down.”

Every student that comes across Pinnix has positive things to say about him or his class. He continually offers support to students throughout their years at Reagan.

“Pinnix has been a mentor to me for three years,” senior Christian Hicks said. “He’s taught me how to be a better person.”

Pinnix is involved outside of his classroom as well. He is the assistant coach, occasional timekeeper and bus driver for the Reagan swim team, all while always offering emotional support for the athletes.

 “Pinnix has the rare ability to relate to every kind of student and athlete,” chemistry teacher and head swim coach Ryan Michel said.

Not only is Pinnix well-known for his contributions to the community and within the school, but he is also famously known for his “Hawaiian shirt Wednesdays.” Many Reagan students have joined in on in this trend. Spirit Week now even has a recurring Hawaiian day on Wednesday.

“It always makes my day to see him coming down the hallway with his signature Hawaiian shirt on and a big smile,” Pearson said.

Pinnix may have numerous admirers, but one would never know from his humble spirit. He is always willing to talk about others before himself.

I really don’t wanna talk about what I do for the community, because I don’t wanna brag,” Pinnix said. “Now I do sell barbecue sauce, but that’s not really for the community.”

His humility and humor  is evident in his actions, but Pinnix does not consider himself a Pfafftown hero, despite his innumerable contributions to the community.

“When I think of a hero I think of someone who is the hands and feet of Jesus,” Pinnix said. “I try to be that every day.”

Students and teachers alike notice his distinct positivity and love for others.