Heat Wave Fries Eastern United States

Leah Boone, Rooster Reporter

Throughout Memorial Day Weekend, temperatures in the southeastern region of the United States were anticipated to (and did) reach and exceed record highs. A high pressure ridge was expected to bring extremely sunny and cloudless days with no chance of storms.

From Virginia all the way to Louisiana, temperatures rose to dangerous levels. New records for high temperatures were set in many cities.

The high temperatures of this Memorial Day Weekend were said to be August-like heat.

Multiple cities in the southeastern region experienced triple-digit temperatures, including Columbia, South Carolina; Tallahassee, Florida; and Augusta, Georgia. Macon, Georgia was predicted to have a temperature of 100℉ on Memorial Day.

While not being as hot as other cities, several locations hit monthly record highs over the weekend. Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; and Montgomery, Alabama. New Orleans, Louisiana was forecasted to reach their average temperature in early August, 92℉, over the weekend.

Atlanta, Georgia has been keeping record of temperatures for 140 years, and only five days of temperatures 95℉ or above have been noted. However, on Memorial Day, Atlanta is predicted to reach 98℉.

With very high temperatures and barely any relief, it is of the utmost importance to stay hydrated. By drinking water and eating fruits with a high water concentration, one can avoid the harmful, and potentially fatal, effects of dehydration.

Sunscreen is additionally extremely important, as many individuals choose to assuage the negative impacts of the heat by cooling off in the pool. When they go outside, the relentless sun can cause irreversible skin damage.

Farther west in the United States, however, some places are not feeling the heat. In Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona; Reno, Nevada; and Fresno, California were anticipated to be almost 25 degrees cooler than usual. Las Vegas was predicted to have a high of 70℉ May 26 and 27, which is the normal average temperature in mid-March.

People across the southeastern United States should know that because the heat has already made its way here, it is here to stay. Due to this, the public should do their best to stay safe and comfortable throughout the period of high temperatures.