Classified of the year

Ella Lambiris, Opinions, A&E editor

This year, Scotty Turner received the Classified of the Year Award for Reagan. 

Turner is one of the day porters at Reagan. His colleagues believe he is very deserving of this award. 

“His quality of work is like no others and his attention to details say a lot about the passion he puts into his work,” said Assistant Principal Maurice Jackson. “He makes sure he goes above and beyond the call of duty, to make sure our building looks great.”

Without his hard work and dedication, our school environment would be unbearable. Students and staff can thank Turner for the school’s cleanliness that can be taken for granted, because cleaning up after high school students is a chore.

Turner has been at Reagan since the very beginning in 2005 when the school first opened its doors and has been a huge part of the school ever since.

The COY is an award given to one of the school’s classified staff members. Classified staff is any non-supervisory employee and a position that does not require a professional education certificate. The COY award nominations can come from any members of the Reagan staff. Once all the nominations are in, the staff can then vote on the candidates. 

Being day porter of a high school, especially a school the size of Reagan, is not an easy task, though Turner enjoys it very much. 

“One of the hardest parts is just the unprecedented circumstances that sometimes get in the way of my routine,” Turner said. 

This could be anything considering this is a public high school with close to 2,100 students. 

Despite these challenges, Turner shows up to work with a positive and inviting attitude every day. Turner not only puts his heart and soul into his work, but is also a very easygoing person who gets along with everyone and loves to chat when he has the time.

“The best part of my job is the people here and the gratification I get from the staff and students,” Turner said.

Turner’s responsibilities and duties as a day porter include washing windows, mopping floors, taking out trash, cleaning bathrooms, and everything else necessary to keep the education facilities clean and organized. Most people would agree that this school cannot be run without Turner and his hard work.

“I wasn’t expecting this award,” Turner said. “I feel good that people see me working hard.”