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Who needs sleep anyway?

Dani Foust, Rooster Reporter

April 12, 2018

Eight. It’s the number of hours you are supposed to sleep every night, but let’s be honest here: what normal high school student really gets the recommended number of hours?  Life gets in the way--pounds upon pounds of homework...

Thoughts of a first time awards show watcher

Annelise Marsh, Rooster Reporter

March 28, 2018

Well, apparently the red carpet begins before the actual scheduled time of the event… so I missed that. I am now realizing how many actors and actresses I don’t know by name. I didn’t know this had been going o...

Renowned Subs of Reagan

Mary Gillon, Rooster Reporter

February 20, 2018

When your teacher is out, there’s always one sub that you have your fingers crossed for. The most regular subs, according to the office, are Ginna Patterson, Lori Blackman, Richard Rodden, Charles Conner, Mike Mabe and Doreen Ma...

Super Bowl Commercial Rankings

Alexis Carroll, Rooster Reporter

February 9, 2018

It’s that time of year again: the Super Bowl. Along with the Super Bowl comes the plethora of hilarious commercials. For those who don’t know, Super Bowl commercials are known to be outrageously funny and/or crazily wei...

12 Days Perspective

Dani Foust, Rooster Reporter

December 21, 2017

12 days of Grandma Betty On the twelfth day of Christmas Grandma Betty gave to me 12 ugly sweaters, 11 “You’re too thins,” ten purse candies, nine homemade pies, eight cats a-licking, seven knitted mittens, six  “back...

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