How to get motivated at Home

Emma Rose Olsen and Charlotte Turner, Copy Editor and Feature's Editor

  • Have a routine in place: Keeping a routine will help you to stay on task with daily activities such as homework or chores around your house.


  • Make your bed every day: Doing this simple task will help you to start your day off by accomplishing something.

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  • Get dressed every day: Change out of those sweats you’ve been wearing for a week and put on some clean clothes.


  • Treat it like a normal day of school: Do your classes in order from your first to your fourth period so you do not miss any of your assignments.


  • Make new hobbies: This will allow you to spend your time diving into new activities and give you a sense of inspiration.

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  • Do Zoom sessions with people in your specific classes: Talking and communicating with your peers will allow you to collaborate on your work and ask each other questions when a teacher might not be available.


  • Connect yourself digitally with others: Staying in touch with others allows you to keep your connections with your friends.

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  • Stay clean: Wash your face, brush your teeth, take a shower, and take time to pamper yourself at home.


  • Devote an area to be your workspace: Studies show that it is not healthy to do work in the same place you sleep; so, try working at a desk or a kitchen table.

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  • Get ahead on tomorrow’s work if you have extra time: If you get bored, check to see what you have for your classes the next day and start that work so you don’t get behind with your workload.


  • Create a list of what you want to accomplish in the day: Open up your planner and make a to-do list from the most important things you need to accomplish to the least important.

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