Michael Myers Returns

Halloweens kills is back and Michael Myers is back in action.

Halloweens kills is back and Michael Myers is back in action.

The legendary Michael Myers franchise continues, and “ Halloween Kills” is a must-watch. With star actor Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie Strode and James Jude Courtney as Michael Myers, the movie thrives off the connections between Laurie and Michael and is packed with action, gore, and devious Halloween festivities. 

The movie opens with a flashback of a young boy who is later faced with Michael again later in his life. With ill intentions toward Michael, Tommy (Anthony Hall) incites riot and chaos throughout the movie as he seeks revenge on Michael and wants to end him for the safety of his city. 

Evil dies tonight

— Tommy (Anthony Hall)

“Evil dies tonight,” Tommy yells multiple times throughout the film getting people to go along with the quest to stop Michael. 

The movie takes place in Haddonfield, Illinois, and revolves around police officer Frank Watkins (Will Patton), Laurie, and Tommy’s connections to Michael and their families and community’s quest to stop Michael from continuing his blood lust. The movie is a thrill all the way up to the last scene when Michael has another face-to-face moment with Tommy, a Michael Myers survivor.

Curtis played a big role in the last “Halloween” film, however in this “Halloween” movie she has less screen time and her daughter Karen (Judy Green) plays a big role and helps Tommy and the city take revenge on Michael Myers. 

“I won’t let them get to you, I won’t let them do it” says Karen as she is defending a possible Michael Myers suspect who is on the loose scaring people when really he is just scared himself.

Hall and Courtney also played really good roles. Hall plays the big tough guy and was a leader throughout the film and helping his city in any way he can. Courtney plays Micheal Myers the best I have ever seen. He is resilient and ruthless in his killing quest and keeps coming back when you think it’s over adding an element of surprise and thriller to the movie. 

Patton is seen twice in the movie, once in a flashback as a young and frightened police officer with the opportunity to stop Michael Myers, and again as an older cop with a lot of regret as Michael carries on his killing spree. Patton’s role in the movie is important because it shows the many lives Myers has affected and ruined. 

The movie does a great job of explaining why Michael Myers does what he does through numerous flashbacks and visions from the characters.

The city of Haddonfield comes together in the movie to accomplish a common goal. Togetherness is  a good moral for this movie, represented when Karen and Tommy come together when they had a disagreement which resulted in a tragedy. 

This movie is definitely for mature audiences. There is a ton of blood and gore with the use of profanity sprinkled in. A younger audience would be frightened by or not quite understanding of the intricate plot.  “Halloween Kills” is definitely rated R. 

In my personal opinion on a 5 point scale,  “Halloween Kills” is a solid 5. The plot is there, Michael Myers does not disappoint, at times you will jump, there are funny moments and moments where you’ll find yourself talking to the screen.  

“Halloween Kills”  is a good continuation of the previous movies and exceeded all expectations. 

The movie has a screen time of  one hour and 56 minutes and it came to theaters on Oct. 15, 2021.  You can also stream it on Peacock for a $5 premium subscription. Other Halloween favorites will be made available on Peacock with this subscription.