Are political differences a friendship barrier?

Leah Boone, Co Editor-in-Chief

“But I think we both understand that at the end of the day, we’re still those really close friends from seventh grade that, you know, nothing really is going to change that,” said senior Alec Marsh.

Over recent years, politics have become an even bigger discussion and debate topic, especially in the Generation Z age range. Our age group has started to form opinions not based on what our parents think, but instead based on facts and viewpoints we stand behind ourselves.

However, one setback with us advancing our political ideas is that sometimes our friends disagree, causing a blockade in the friendship. While this does not occur between every politically differing friend, it does happen sometimes.

Seniors Alec Marsh and Kevin Lin have been close friends since seventh grade, despite differences in their political opinions. Watch the video above to find out how they tackle controversial topics and how they never let their differences come in between them.

“For us, there’s more to life than just politics, you know, if me,  if like, our friendship is worth more than him saying you’re right and I’m wrong,” said senior Kevin Lin.