Football Signings Gallery

Charlotte Turner and Anna Hunt, Co-Editor in Chief and Rooster Reporter

Reagan seniors (left to right) Bryson Canty, Andrew Jones, Jake Pascual and Noah Brown lift up wide receiver Tazhae Woods. Woods signed to Iowa Western Community College. (Photo by Anna Hunt)
After signing to their colleges and universities, seniors on the Reagan football team smile for a group picture. The coaches of the football team proudly stood beside the players. (Photo by Anna Hunt)
The Reagan football team’s defensive members stand together at the football signings. Seniors (from left to right) Gavin Brandon, Charles Arnette, Zach Shaw and Tazhae Woods all signed athletic contracts to their future colleges on Feb 3. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Senior Gavin Brandon stands beside his mom and dad before signing on Feb 3. Brandon signed an athletic contract to play football at Averett University. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Gavin Brandon (12) signs his contract to play for Averett University beside his family. Brandon plays the positions of linebacker and defensive end. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Andrew Jones, a senior offensive tackle on the Reagan football team, smiles with pride about his signing to Duke University. Jones verbally committed to Duke’s football team back in Jan. of 2020. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Senior Carson Keaton poses with his family for a photo before signing to Lenoir-Rhyne University. Keaton plays the long snapper position on the Reagan football team. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Carson Keaton (12) hugs his family after signing an athletic contract to play football for Lenoir-Rhyne University. Keaton will be joining his older brother Tyler Keaton at Lenoir-Rhyne University. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Senior Jake Pascual hugs his family members after signing his athletic contract. Pascual plans on being a walk-on football player for Wake Forest University. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Jake Pascual (12) gives a speech before signing on Feb 3. Lauren Pascual, his mom and the team mom for the Reagan football team, stood beside him. (Photo by Anna Hunt)
Senior wide receiver Bryson Canty stands beside his family before signing his athletic contract to Columbia University. Canty is the second Reagan football player in the school’s history to sign to Columbia University. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Bryson Canty (12) signs his athletic contract with his family members beside him. Canty will be attending Columbia University in the fall of 2021. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Charles Arnette (12) embraces his family members before signing on Feb 3. Arnette signed an athletic contract to play football for Greensboro college. (Photo by Anna Hunt)
Senior Charles Arnette poses for a photo with his family. Arnette signed to Greensboro College on Feb 3. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Senior Noah Brown signs his contract to play for East Carolina University. Brown is considered by his coaches to be a player like none other in the United States. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Offensive guard Noah Brown (12) tightly embraces his family after signing his contract to play for East Carolina University. The senior beat the NFL record of 49 repetitions for the 225 pound bench press with an outstanding 52 reps. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Senior Zach Shaw signs his contract to play for Greensboro College. His father proudly stood behind him already wearing the Greensboro Pride colors. (Photo by Charlotte Turner)
Zach Shaw (12) delivers a heartwarming speech that he dedicates to his recently deceased grandmother. Shaw was a linebacker for Reagan and will play for Greensboro College next year. (Photo by Anna Hunt)
On a cold night, senior Tazhae Woods warmly embraces his mother after thanking her in his speech. Woods, both a wide receiver and cornerback, has committed to play for Iowa Western Community College. (Photo by Anna Hunt)