Raiders Respond: What is one thing you would change about Reagan?

Eliza Gifford, Rooster Reporter

“I think we should have a homecoming King, and I don’t know who deals with this, but we should have a book fair.” Asha Watson (10th)


“I think there should be better communication with teachers. It would make things easier.” Grant Turner (9th)


“The vending machine should be open 24/7, not just a couple of  hours a day.” Lily Snow (12th)


“Longer lunches. It should be 45 minutes and people should be able to leave campus.”  Carmen Proaño Stevens (10th) 


“At the end of each of the academic hallways, there are doors at the bottom when you come down the stairway. I think there should be a way to connect them from the other end of the hallway so we can eliminate some of the crowding in the main hallway.” Riley Tucker (11th)


“I would bring back flex days.” Ashton Ellis (10th)


“More student involvement in school activities.” Kate Henderson (9th)


“Personally, I think everything is going pretty well.” Dylan Reid (11th)