We want to dance


Nikita Eragadinnela shows off her dance moves at the homecoming pep rally dance off. This is the closest thing Reagan has to a homecoming dance and most Raiders believe it’s time for that to change.

Eliza Gifford, Rooster Reporter

Homecoming is a classic American tradition. It makes people think of football, parades and dances. Reagan has always had a fun spirit week and a big football game to celebrate this yearly milestone but is missing out on one of these classic customs.

Since its founding in 2005, Reagan has never hosted an official homecoming dance. According to Principal Brad Royal, staff has tried to hold dances but was never successful.

“Since my time at Reagan, we have tried numerous times to have a dance of some sort through SGA,” Royal said. “Each of these events have been very poorly attended.”

COVID-19 protocol has made dances improbable for the foreseeable future, but when things start to regain normalcy, I can’t help but think students would be dying to have a dance. Being able to come back to school in person has been great, and it’s a reminder of how many high school experiences kids have missed out on because of the pandemic.

“I think having one would help students come together after a year of separation,” said freshman Lydia Berger.

Having a dance once it’s safe would be an amazing opportunity to allow students who have been denied social events for over a year now to hang out with their peers outside of a classroom setting. Some students may think having a dance is overrated and would not attend, but it’s safe to say that most people would really take advantage of being able to go to a homecoming dance.

Brendan Moncur is a senior this year and has never been to a dance at Reagan. Students like Moncur have missed out on prom due to COVID last year and feel like they have missed out on the classic tradition that is a homecoming dance.

“I do feel like I have missed out on classic high school experiences because the homecoming dance is a fun experience that most other high schools have,” said Moncur

Grant Snow is a junior who recently transferred to Reagan from Forsyth Country Day. Before his transfer, Snow went to a homecoming dance at Forsyth. He said he enjoyed the experience and mentioned certain events that made it memorable.

“There was a photo booth, so everyone was taking pictures, and there was good food,” said Snow,” It was just fun to be with friends.”

According to Snow, he had a good time but thinks some things could have been done differently.

“It maybe could have been shorter, I feel like it was a little bit too long,” said Snow. “Ours was maybe three hours.”

Snow also mentions the size difference between Forsyth and Reagan. He says it would be even more fun to have a dance at a bigger school like Reagan.

Considering what people who have attended dance liked and disliked, I think hosting one at Reagan would be very successful. Our dance could include fun activities and avoid being too long. Doing this would persuade more kids to come and stay the entire time.

“I think plenty of kids would come, it’s certainly worth the hassle,” said Berger

Dances give students the ability to socialize with others and let them have fun and dance in a safe environment provided by the school. Most people would love the excuse to get dressed up, and some would take it as a big opportunity to express themselves. A dance would give students the opportunity to wear extravagant clothes and makeup looks they might not be comfortable wearing to school outside of a dance.

“Students can connect with their friends, and you can see everyone, dress up and just have fun,” sophomore Mackenzye Serna said.

It is safe to say that most students at Reagan will not remember their day-to-day classes or what they ate for lunch every day, but they would remember big events in their high school career, like a homecoming dance. Having a dance for those who want it would make attending Reagan that much more memorable.

I think Raiders would love to have a dance. Success for events like a dance can be determined by the attitudes of students, and I think kids at Reagan would be enthusiastic for a homecoming dance. It might not be possible for now, but hopefully, Raiders will have the chance to make memories and have fun at a homecoming dance in the future.