Raiders Respond: What is your favorite thing about fall?

Ella Lambiris, A&E/Opinions Editor

“My favorite thing about the fall is going to Halloween parties.” – Danny Matalka (9)

“I love fall because it brings back pumpkin bread and seeds.” -Isley Rives (10)

“There are a lot of things I like about fall. The weather is really nice and the scenery is beautiful. On top of that, there’s Halloween, Thanksgiving and my birthday.” – Mason Ritter (11)

“I like the cold weather and being able to wear hoodies again.” – Jordan Lewis (9)

“The best parts of fall are the beginning of horse show season, and the Reagan and Wake Forest football games.” – Maggie Hoover (10)

“I love going shopping and getting to wear cute clothes.” – Desiree’ Shields (10)

“My favorite part of fall is the cool weather and having fun on Halloween.” – Cole Wood (12)

“I like eating candy till I vomit and pranking people during Halloween.” – Trent Matson (9)