It’s time for dogs to rain on the cats parade

Reasons why dogs are the best household pet animal

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It’s time for dogs to rain on the cats parade

Finn,a cocker spaniel, is my household pet.  He turns one on March 3.

Finn,a cocker spaniel, is my household pet. He turns one on March 3.

Finn,a cocker spaniel, is my household pet. He turns one on March 3.

Finn,a cocker spaniel, is my household pet. He turns one on March 3.

Molly Mullane, Photo Editor

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Although people have many household pets these days, there is always the debate of which pets are better: dogs or cats? More likely than not, it’s my feeling people choose dogs over cats because of dogs’ dependence on humans and their loving characteristics.

The worst experience I have ever had while watching a strictly indoor cat is when it escaped outside.  I had to run to try to catch it and when I did, it stuck its claws straight out into the ground. It only helped to shape my strong dislike for cats even more.  

From the moment I met my cocker spaniel puppy Finn, I knew I was a dog lover.  My family knew we wanted a dog since both my parents are highly allergic to cats.  Last April, when we were looking to add a furry companion to the family, we knew it would require us to all work together to take care of him.  

Dogs are very dependent when compared to cats.  Dogs expect their owners to take them on walks, have playtime with them, fulfill their needs of food and water and take them to the vet when necessary.  However, this dependence is often what makes many people want and fall in love with dogs.  

A dog’s dependence on its family leads to its unconditional love for their owners. Most dogs will always be excited to greet and see their beloved owner, no matter how long the duration that their owner has been away.  

Finn never fails to be waiting by the window with his head resting on the windowsill for my family to come back home. His greeting is an explosion of licks and unabated joy and happiness upon walking in the door.    

A cat might be still mad at you for leaving earlier and offer no dramatic greeting when you get home.

Cats and dogs also differ largely in obedience. Dogs are easily trainable, where cats do not listen to their owners and mostly do whatever they want. It would be difficult to try to teach your cat how to “shake” or “roll-over.”

Another great thing about owning a dog is that he never wants to leave you. When you go to another room in the house, you can hear the patter of your dog’s steps behind you. It makes it hard to want to leave an animal that has so much love for you.  

  Finn is also always up for a quick game of tug-of-war or fetch with his ball. He sometimes will even play tag or sit to watch TV with me. A cat would rather play by itself in its own play-tower-scratching toy.

“I prefer dogs because they’re easier to play with, more emotional, and will greet you when you get home,” junior Molly Sytz said.

A dog also is able to sense when you are feeling down and cheer you up. Finn always makes me feel better after a rough day when he sits on my lap and just sleeps.  Sometimes there is nothing more comforting than being able to hold your dog and pet him.  

The physical benefit of owning a dog cannot be overlooked as well. Finn goes for walks three to four times a day. Having him around encourages my family to go out and exercise with our four-legged companion.  Cats do not like to go on walks with their own owners, let alone be put on a leash.

“Dogs can be a man’s best friend but cats are my worst nightmare,” freshman Alex Marsh said.  

It is my strong feeling that there is no competition when comparing cats and dogs. Dogs win hands down when it comes to the joy and love they bring to a home.