Baked Just SO opens new location in Lewisville


Image by Reilly Calvert

Baked Just SO has a new location at 6782 Shallowford Road in The Oaks at Lewisville Shopping Center. The bakery opened Feb 25. and is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

Reilly Calvert, Rooster Reporter

Baked Just SO, a family-friendly bakery located in Robinhood Village, recently opened another store in Lewisville on Feb 25. at 6782 Shallowford Road in The Oaks at Lewisville Shopping Center.

The bakery was started by Stacy Milner as a way to allow herself to turn her passion for baking into a fruitful endeavor, a dream she had since she graduated from culinary school in Charleston, South Carolina. The first location was opened in 2017 at 5395 Robinhood Village Drive.

The bakery sells a selection of pastries, cookies, cakes and ice cream, as well as Magic Beans locally roasted coffee and plenty of gluten-free options. Most things are $5 or under. Their best sellers are cinnamon buns, chocolate croissants and rosemary and goat cheese biscuits.

“I love what I do because I can do a little of this and a little of that,” Milner said. “I have found a great love in making cakes, icing and decorating.”

Baked Just SO makes beautiful custom specialty cakes for any occasion, and ordering details can be found on their website,

During certain holidays, the bakery offers special items, providing the treats and desserts for you in order to make your holidays easier. One of the fun items they can provide are DIY sugar cookie decorating kits, or “cookie boxes.”

These boxes come complete with cut and baked cookies, several colors of icing in piping bags, and sprinkles and/or other decorations. These range from Halloween ghosts, Christmas inspired cookies, Easter bunnies, and more.

The Baked Just SO in Lewisville will currently be open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday through Saturday. The weekly times are posted on its social media pages, as well as the current menus and additional options, so check @BakedJustSO on Facebook or @bakedjustso1 on Instagram for more information.

The new location is a shared space with The Gallery at Lewisville Vintage, with Baked Just SO off on one side with the rest of the vintage store on the other. The arrangement looks seamless with some items for sale at The Gallery doubling as decorations for Baked Just SO. The new space includes indoor and outdoor seating, and most of the furniture contributing to that is also for sale.

“The opportunity came about to partner with the vintage store in the thick of the pandemic,” Milner said. “At first I thought it was crazy but once I saw the space things fell nicely into place.”

She hopes to use a small side room in the new store for kids’ birthday parties and cake decorating workshops. Birthday parties are also hosted in the original location at Robinhood, though she essentially has to create space in her bakery for parties instead of them having their own designated area.

“The various challenges faced during this crazy pandemic have been non stop and ever changing,” Milner said. “One of the biggest was not knowing what tomorrow held. Would we be able to open, would people still come?”

One thing that Milner credits to the survival of Baked Just SO was its good fortune to be considered an essential business while having a safe way of serving people, as well as the walk up window where people could order without having to go inside the store. The window was a big part of keeping things afloat. Despite this, it was still a struggle not knowing what the future held for the bakery each day.

“My biggest surprise from this past year is opening a new bakery,” Milner said. “I would have thought you were insane if I was told last year at exactly this time that I would have this amazing opportunity. I feel incredibly fortunate and can confirm hard work really pays off.”