2020-21 WS/FCS Reflections Winners

Multiple students of Raider Nation won the contest this year!

Leah Boone, Co Editor-in-Chief

Janelle Wright placed third in Visual Arts. Wright is a junior. (Photo Courtesy of Janelle Wright)
Wright created this piece during her Reagan art class. She said it was inspired by her personal thoughts and feelings. (Photo Courtesy of Janelle Wright)
Victoria Clinger, a sophomore, took first place in the Music section of the contest. She aspired to make people happy through her musical piece. (Photo Courtesy of Victoria Clinger)
Sophomore Kaley Brannon won first place in Visual Arts. She incorporated her adoration for bright colors in her artwork. (Photo Courtesy of Kaley Brannon)

Not pictured winners from Reagan include: Elyssa Mothershed, Anya Narayan, Reilly Calvert, Sarah Extrom, Teyana Hudson, Ashley Lewis, Stephanie Sanders, Rachel Taylor, Skyla Tief, Maxine Cunanan, Lily Doby and Anya Narayan.