Raider’s Respond: Are you going back to school in January or Staying Online?


Photo by Charlotte Turner

Henry Bowen, Rooster Reporter

“I am going back to school because I want to see more of my friends.” -Tanner Welborn (10)

Courtesy of Tanner Welborn

“I am going back to school because I don’t like online learning and I would much rather learning inside a classroom”- Mack Hanna (10)

Courtesy of Mack Hanna

“I don’t want to go back to school because it’s too much of a risk of getting Covid-19 and if I get it then I  would be risking my mom and dad’s job. I also wouldn’t know who my teachers or friends have been around.” – Litzy Carrillo (10)

Courtesy of Litzy Carrillo

“I am staying online because I don’t want to risk my family getting Covid-19 and I don’t mind online school all that much.” -Tyler Waddell (9)

Courtesy of Tyler Waddell

If the virus wasn’t around I would totally go back but due to the virus still around I’m not going back any time soon. As much as I miss my friends and school, I just can’t put my family at risk. It’s kind of a 50/50 question in the end.” -Dakota Owenby (9)

Courtesy of Dakota Owenby

“I plan on going back to school in January. I want to go to school because it’s my senior year and I would like to have the experience of being in school for a little while before graduating.” – Beatrix Wolveton (12)

Courtesy of Beatrix Wolverton