Donald Trump overcomes Covid-19


"Donald Trump" by Gage Skidmore

On Oct 2nd, President Donald Trump Confirmed he had Covid-19. He was later admitted to the Walter Reed Hospital.

Tsion Saunders, Rooster Reporter

In the early hours of Oct. 2,  President Donald J. Trump announced to the world that he tested positive for Covid-19 through a tweet. White House officials and doctors, however, did not release the last time he tested negative for the virus. 

  Trump is in the middle of a presidential election, trying to get re-elected for the 2020-2024 term. It is unclear when or where he contracted Covid-19.

It is clear that since he got Covid-19, it has put a halt on his campaign tour. A tour to Florida was canceled and the First Lady also tested positive along with some of his co-workers who were forced into quarantine. 

On Oct. 2 Trump was admitted to the Walter Reed Hospital, where he was treated and given medication to help him battle Covid-19.  Trump was at the hospital for three days and returned back to the White House on Oct. 5. 

He sent out a tweet of appreciation to his supporters for them worrying about him and having Covid-19. 

“If Trump still has Covid, we shouldn’t have a debate,¨ said presidential candidate Joe Biden.

 This made sense, you don’t want to spread the disease any further. Trump was cleared on Oct. 8 to return to his campaign on Saturday, Oct 10.  

However, as an alternative to not having a debate in person, they were scheduled to have a virtual one.

 ¨Having a virtual debate with Biden is a waste of time,¨ Trump said.

Since March of 2019, Trump has downplayed the severity of Covid-19. It has killed nearly one thousand Americans a day, 215,000 plus Americans, and more than one million people worldwide. 

However, when you have rallied with thousands of people in small or congested areas, funerals with seniors, or are out daily and seen by the public eye with no mask on, that is hypocritical. It is mandatory in some states to wear a mask wherever you go. It is advertised to wear one every time you step out of the house, yet our own president refuses to do it. 

Trump is liked and disliked by many. However, we should all come to an agreement no matter how much you like or dislike him, that he is still alive and made it through Covid-19.

 The amount of pressure, damage, mental aspect, and the devastation it would have on the world if Trump’s conditions were worse is just unbearable. It is a miracle that someone of his age had the virus and gotten rid of it in the amount of time he did. It shows his grit and determination for his job.

 To fight through Covid-19 and return to his duties for the American people, he receives high praise from me for beating the virus and continuing his campaign.

Whether you like him or not, Donald J. Trump is the president and he survived Covid-19 at the age of 74,  so you can too.