Top Eight Super Bowl Commercials from 2020

Dani Foust, Photo Editor

Let’s be honest, unless your favorite NFL football team is in the Super Bowl, you are most likely watching the game for three reasons: the halftime show, the funny commercials, or the delicious snacks.  When you think about Super Bowls from the past, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the hilarious time travel Doritos commercial from 2014 or the “Alexa lost her voice” commercial from last year, which starred well-known individuals such as Cardi B and Rebel Wilson.  Since the mid 1980s, companies have competed with each other to create the most humorous commercial; paying millions to for a single 30-second time slot. We hold these commercials to a certain standard; we expect to be humored. Though, it seems in recent years the number of commercials that make our sides hurt from laughing so hard, have decreased at an exponential rate, while serious ones take their place.  Based on this year’s and last year’s Super Bowl commercials, there are a few common themes that appear in a majority of these commercials: immigration, gender inequality, and the current political climate.  Despite this increasingly popular approach by companies to get our attention, some of our favorite classic, funny commercials left a lasting impression on viewers.  Below are a few commercials that made the 2020 Super Bowl worth watching.