Custodian named Classified Employee of the Year

Zoe Evans, News Editor

Reagan is home to thousands of students and teachers that pass through the school every day. Along with that comes dirt, germs and filth. The janitorial staff allows for students to use clean restrooms, walk freely through the hall without trash and clutter and enjoy learning in a clean environment.

The 2019-2020 Classified Employee of the year is Larry Wood. Wood is a custodian, and this is his 10th year here. Before coming to Reagan, Wood was at Old Richmond Elementary as a custodian. Classified employees are the staff that works in the school system that are not licensed to teach a class and includes secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers.

“Mr. Wood is very deserving as the Classified Employee of the Year because he affects every faculty member on this staff,” said social studies teacher Chris Pinnix, “Wherever there is a need, he is always there to assist us. He is constantly taking care of needs that come up for students and staff.”

The job of a custodian is to serve others. They work tirelessly throughout the day to make sure the school is clean and picked up. We need janitors, without them the schools and public buildings would be disgusting and a place that is impossible to learn.

“Wood always has a positive attitude, on his best days and on his worst days he has the same demeanor, and he treats everyone consistently, I think he is very deserving of this award,” Pinnix said. 

Wood works in every part of the building, from cleaning the gym after athletic events, to cleaning the media center and the auditorium and cleaning up after lunch in the cafeteria. Wherever he is needed, he is always there to give a helping hand and do what is needed.

“My favorite thing about Reagan is the interaction with everyone, it makes the day go by faster. I like being able to talk to other people and the teachers to see how they’re doing,” Wood said.

Janitors are a part of the school just like the students and teachers. A partnership is created between the staff and custodial staff. The teachers rely on the janitors to make sure the environment is clean to learn in for their students. 

“Wood is not a custodian, he is a faculty member, he is a member of our community and school and works for the betterment of Reagan,” Pinnix said.

Cleanliness encourages learning through health and a more enjoyable atmosphere. Thanks to janitorial staff and all individuals who contribute to making our school conducive to learning and growing.

“It is very humbling to be voted the Classified Employee of the Year by my peers. I am very humbled and very honored to work with the students and staff at Reagan,” Wood said.