Fake it for Old Nick’s sake

Why fake trees are better than real ones


Balsam Hill

Kamrin Moore, Rooster Reporter

Are you tired of going into the cold weather to get a Christmas Tree that needs water and additional maintenance? After the initial purchase, you have to spend precious time and putting on lights and setting the tree up which could be used for so many other things. Buying a real Christmas tree is a complete waste of money that could be spent on gifts for loved ones. time from buying things for loved ones. While real Christmas trees are nice, artificial ones are far superior.
The first opposition to buying a real tree is the cost. The minimum cost of one tree is 75 dollars. Paying this price every year for a tree will quickly add up. On the other hand, the lowest cost for fake trees is 20 dollars.
Once the fake tree is purchased it can be reused for many years with no additional maintenance or purchases required. Additionally, many fake trees come with lights already on them, saving time and money. Buying a real tree results in more money spent and less in your pockets.
Another reason why I am opposed to real Christmas trees is the amount of effort it takes to care for them. When your Christmas tree is up and ornaments are hanging, you also have to make sure your tree is watered and that no water spills on your presents. If the tree is not taken care of properly, it could have dangerous consequences. For example, if a tree has not been watered, the Christmas lights will ignite, causing the decor to catch on fire. While for an artificial tree, all you have to do is assemble it, decorate it and call it a day. This is why I love artificial trees; it is no hassle and it is clean.
This leads to the final reason why fake trees are better than real ones. There is no mess taking it down or putting it up. Real trees will shed pine needles all over the floor and leak sap on your hands. Furthermore, cutting down real trees can have a negative environmental impact. A study from the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) stated that an artificial tree is better and more eco-friendly for the environment because you are not eliminating real trees from habitats of animals.
So next year, consider investing in a fake tree. This will not only save you time, but will also save you the pain of having to deal with the nuisances involved with having a real tree during the holiday season.


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