The Rapper That Cried Snitch!

The Rapper That Cried Snitch!

Kamrin Moore, Reporter

 Daniel Hernandez, commonly known as Tekashi 6ix9ine has become an Internet sensation, Billboard successor and soon a  convicted felon. Hernandez sports rainbowed colored hair and has various types of tattoos. He has a plethora of songs such as“Gummo,” “Billy,” “FeFe” and many more. Hernandez’s legal problems started in Oct. of 2018 when he was accused of using a child in a sexual performance. Instead of doing four years in jail, the judge ordered four years of probation.  

The charge that brought him into the spotlight was when he was charged with gang-related activity, which includes drug trafficking, violent crimes, attempted murder, and robbery. Once this happened the music world lost it. Hernandez went from a musical prodigy to a convicted criminal at the age of 22.

In Feb. of 2018, Hernandez pleaded guilty to being apart of the “Nine Trey Bloods.” He did this in hopes of getting a reduced sentence. When Hernandez did this he fully cooperated with the federal government,  but the side effects of his cooperation were not pretty. The rap community was not happy that Hernandez was snitching on his gang members just to get a reduced sentence. After releasing these names Hernandez tried to testify against old school rapper Jim Jones and Cardi B being in “Nine Trey Bloods,”  both artists declined Hernandez’s accusations in doing, this on even higher uproar erupted.

 After a couple of months, Hernandez explained to the public and court how exactly he became a member of his gang and why.  Hernandez didn’t join like a typical member. Instead, he paid up to $25,000 to join the “Nine Trey Bloods,” He joined because he felt having street credibility would lead to more success in his rap career, which in the end it did. Soon after joining  Hernandez started taking illegal activities such as importing drugs from China committing robberies and other violent crimes. 

 Hernandez is currently awaiting his sentencing. With full cooperation, which could get out of serving his sentence and possibly getting out in the spring of 2020. However, the Federal government believes he should go into the witness protection program. There have been speculations that he will not. For many, they see this as doing whatever it takes to get to the top no matter what 

 Musical artist J.Cole stated in his song “Alot” with 21 Savage, “Pray for Tekashi, they want him to rot. I picture him inside the cell in a cot wondering was it worth it or not.”

 Some people understand why Hernandez did what he did to make it in the rap game. For others, they believe Hernandez is a sellout and will get what he deserves for snitching on his fellow gang members. This trial shows the great lengths of what a person is willing to do in order to receive stardom, which Hernandez did. But the remaining question is was it worth it or not?