Excitement at the Dixie Classic Fair


Many residents of Winston-Salem enjoy the fair, especially the large assortment of rides. The Dixie Classic Fair was in town from Oct. 4-13.

Madison Hepler, A&E Editor

Every year the Dixie Classic Fair comes into town and brings excitement to all ages. With so much to offer, there is something for everyone to enjoy. This year the fair was Oct. 4-13.

While the fair will continue as always, this was the last year the fair will be titled the Dixie Classic Fair. In August 2019, the Winston-Salem City Council voted to change the name after complaints that the word “Dixie” is associated with segregation and slavery. 

The City Council has not decided on an official new name, but the names “Twin City Classic Fair” and “Carolina Classic Fair” have been proposed. 

There were many of the same rides as the last few years, but there were many other attractions as well, such as the Demolition Derby, rodeos and concerts from Midnight Star, Joe Diffie and Jordan Feliz with I Am They. 

Many high schoolers go to the fair for the rides and to spend time with their friends. While the fair is relatively small, it is something different for high schoolers to do that breaks up the regular cycle of homework and going to the same places. 

“My favorite thing about going to the fair is being with my friends who I don’t always get to see,” said junior Julianne Gryder. “It’s so much fun to walk around seeing the sights and going on rides together.”

Another favorite part of the fair is the crazy amount of food that seems to be everywhere you look. Classics like corndogs and french fries are a hit with many people, but they also offer a variety of food trucks with different kinds of foods. It’s hard to not find something to eat.

There is also the frying of almost any food imaginable. From Oreos to cheesecake and pickles the smell of fried food radiates throughout the whole park. 

“I love all of the food at the fair,” said freshman Grayson Hepler. “It’s like there’s more every year.”

The fair isn’t just a great place for teenagers; it has a very family friendly atmosphere, including a whole section for children’s rides. Many parents enjoy taking their children to the fair to make great childhood memories. 

Children and adults both enjoy the animal section where many different farm animals can be found and some can be petted or fed. For many people, it is interesting to see animals that they wouldn’t normally see very often. 

“The animals are one of my favorite parts of the fair,” said West Forsyth senior Sofia Borges. “It’s really fun to get to feed them and see the different kinds of animals that are actually all around us.”

One important aspect of the fair is the art, photography, food and clothing displayed in the Education Building every year. There are displays for every elementary, middle and highschool in the county and they are judged with first, second, third places and judges choice badges. 

From Reagan, Alyssa Williams, Hadyn Simms, Audrey Munger, Jannery Sosa Rivera and Shamar Hughes received ribbons from the judges for their artwork. Some are in Reagan’s new art teacher Allison Pegram’s class.

While there is live music, many local radio stations also set up tents to promote their stations and music. The tents are always near the WXII News stage, where they report live on things happening at the fair. 

“The music everywhere is something that makes the fair so special,” said sophomore Aiden Feria. “I love to dance around and laugh with friends.”

There are many little competitions, other than the yearly games like bottle ring tossing, balloon pops and whack-a-mole, like “How Long Can You Hang?” and the classic “Fool the Guesser.” These little traditions add to the enjoyment of the fair.

Update: The Winston-Salem City Council decided on “Carolina Classic Fair” as the new name.