The Jonas Brothers revival sparks newfound excitement

Molly Mullane, Online-Editor-in-Chief

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When I first heard the rumors that the Jonas Brothers might be reuniting and putting out new music, I was excited but cautious. Since they last put out a song in 2013, I was unsure if it would be the same sound I had known growing up.

Throughout my childhood, I loved listening to some of their greatest hits such as “Lovebug”, “Burnin’ Up” and “Year 3000,” just to name a few. I even would routinely watch their TV show “Jonas” on Disney Channel and hang up posters of the boys in my room. To say that I was a big fan of them growing up would not be an exaggeration.

Even when they went on their own individual projects, I still tried to support them.  Nick Jonas released several chart topping singles and Joe Jonas joined the band DNCE, who has also had a successful journey on the charts. Kevin Jonas, who didn’t pursue a solo career, continued to raise his family in the years apart from the Jonas Brothers.

I truly believe that they needed their time apart from making music with one another to refresh and allow themselves to explore new projects as individuals. Now all three of the boys are officially married. Their time apart truly shaped the music they are releasing today.

They dropped their first single of the new era on Feb. 28 titled “Sucker” and let me tell you that it truly was worth the wait.  The first time I listened to it, I knew immediately that it was time to get hyped up that the Jonas Brothers were truly back.

“Sucker” is a catchy tune that has the makes to be the song of the summer. Along with “Sucker” being released on all media platforms, they also released a music video for the song with their wives. The music video further establishes their transition to being more grown-up and not the typical single pop boy band that is marketed today.

They have all found happiness in their lives and I truly believe that will impact the sound they put out. I knew immediately after I listened to “Sucker” that if the Jonas Brothers had a concert date in North Carolina that I would want to go.

Luckily the Jonas Brothers are coming to Raleigh on Aug. 14, one day before I move into UNC-Chapel Hill.  I thrilled I am going to see them in concert this upcoming Aug. for their Happiness Begins tour which seems to be the perfect activity to attend right before moving into college.

I have high hopes for the Jonas Brothers upcoming album Happiness Begins. It is bound to be full of catchy, carefree songs that everyone can love.