Tim Lasley Hometown Hero

Tim Lasley is a long time resident of Pfafftown that gives back to the community in various ways. Pfafftown in not a very large town but Lasley’s impact is felt all across the community and Forsyth County. He is the owner of Wilson’s Garage on Yadkinville road, the fire chief at Vienna Volunteer Fire Department, an active leader in Boy Scouts working with Troop 919 at Brookstown Church, and lastly he is a business sponsor of Reagan’s athletics, Grandview Swim Club, WWCC and North West Little League.

From the age of fifteen, Lasley knew that firefighting was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

“I had an assistant scoutmaster that lived across the street and I watched him go to fire calls,”Lasley said, “One day he saw me standing outside with my bicycle and they asked me if I wanted to be a firefighter and I said yes, and ever since I have been a fireman.”

Lasley has been a fireman at the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department for 45 years and the fire chief for 15 years. Along with being the fire chief comes lots of responsibilities.

“As fire chief, he makes sure to volunteer his fire trucks and staff for community events such as the Vienna Elementary School Fall Festival, the Grandview Community 4th of July Parade, and various other community events when requested,” said Christopher Pinnix, a social studies teacher.

Pinnix nominated Lasley as a  Pfafftown hero because of his hard work throughout the town and his lasting impact on him as well as many others.

Lasley is also the owner and mechanic at Wilson’s garage. He operates the business with his wife Roberta Lasley and his two sons. When he was a young boy the owner and founder of the garage was first fire chief at Vienna, Mr. Wilson, asked Lasley to come work for him and help him out a bit. Lasley has been working at the garage since March of 1975 leading to him buying the business in 1988.  Most of his time is spent at the garage operating his business and working on cars.

As an active leader in boy scouts Lasley is responsible for the Eagle program.  He guides youth working towards attaining their Eagle scout ranking in order to be awarded the title of Eagle Scout, a troop member must complete a service project.  Each service project can range from 100-200 hours of community service. Lasley’s main role is to mentor troops throughout this journey.

“I choose to become a scout leader because I had some leaders in my life that were very meaningful and after I made eagle scouts they pushed to to get there. When I get the chance to do that for someone else that’s what so meaningful.” Lasley said.

Lasley is always willing to pitch in and help out with various community activities throughout the year which includes helping organize a canned food drive in partnership with WXII and 2nd Harvest Food Bank each year at Vienna Fire Department. This is a really big way to give back to others who are in need right here in Pfafftown and give them the resources and food they need.

“Between the fire department, boy scouts, and the Civic Club I give back about as many hours as I work during the year, which is about 2,000 hours,” said Lasley.

Lasley is not only leaving a lasting impression on the Pfafftown area, but also has a significant impact on the area’s youth. As a first responder, Lasley already consistently places   others before himself on a daily basis; Lasley chooses to continue to serve the community along with the multiple activities that fill his plate already.

“He is always willing to give back through his automotive repair business, the Fire Dept., through his church, and the Boy Scouts.  There are not many people in our community who consistently gives back in various ways quite like Mr. Lasley does,” Pinnix said.



Questions and Answer

  1. If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?   “Busy”
  2. If you could think of one word that other people would use to describe you, what would it be?    “The mayor, I’m the unofficial mayor of Vienna,” said Lasley.
  3. Is there anything or anyone specifically who has inspired you?   “I had about six gentlemen in the community that helped raise me.  Each one of them is one of my heros,” said Lasley.  “One was a realtor, one was a firechief, one was an auto repairman and one that was a great helper.”
  4. If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?  “I would give half of it away, buy my son a house and make sure my church, fire department, members of my boy scout troop and the members of the community had everything they need,” said Lasley.