TikTok is Revolutionizing Teens Today



Emma Rose Olsen, Copy Editor and Social Media Manager

TikTok is a ground-breaking app that has surged the Internet. You can post short videos of yourself doing just about anything with music in the background on the app. TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world.

 To new users, TikTok looks oddly familiar. That’s because it used to be known as Musical.ly, which was bought by a company called ByteDance. The company then reinvented the app as TikTok. This is why the new app has somewhat of the same audience Musical.ly did.

TikTok mainly reaches the Generation Z demographic which are the ages 16 to 24.

The majority of the users on the app have a main goal to become “TikTok famous.” Becoming famous on TikTok isn’t as easy as it sounds. Being creative and using just the right amount of hashtags on a post can help your video go viral.

“I downloaded TikTok as a joke and made a funny video making fun of my friend and it accidentally went viral,” said Junior Colby Welborn.

Personally, I think TikTok is a great past-time. I have mindlessly wasted hours upon hours scrolling through the “For You” page on the app. I also have made several videos to sounds and saving them to my “drafts” to look back at later.

My friends and I are constantly making TikToks trying to recreate new trends for fun. Trends are new sounds, music or dances that are viewed by thousands of people. Dancing trends normally have specific movements that coincide with the lyrics of a song.

“My favorite trend is ‘Turn the Speakers Up’ because it’s the most fun to do,” said Senior Camren Hamrick.

The videos that I enjoy the most are the accounts that post videos of them acting to the sounds of well-known T.V. shows and movies. Skyla Lynne is personally my favorite TikTok actress. Comedy accounts are also a great way to get a quick laugh.

TikTok is a great way for me to connect with some of my closest friends. We send each other videos that we think are funny or one we want to recreate the next time we are together. 

TikTok is rewriting the world and outdoing all social media platforms today. I highly suggest downloading the app if you want a way to connect with your friends and a good laugh.