Alone time and its benefits

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Alone time and its benefits

Rily Bellias, Features Editor

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It is quite easy to get caught up in life between school, friends, clubs, sports and all other activities that drain a person of time.  Though it is good to be involved and do all of those activities, it is also good to take time to yourself.  When one gets wrapped up in all of the day-to-day commotion, they often forget to take care of some of their basic needs or even think about themselves.  In life it seems that time is often spread too thin and the days too short, but when one values their alone time, beneficial outcomes may arise.

“I feel like my weeks are very busy and sometimes there is no time for me to be by myself, but when there is, I take advantage of it,” said junior Catherine Vaughan.  “Spending time alone is beneficial because it gives you a chance to think by yourself and reset from the stressfulness of a long day.”

Spending time alone even just once a week can be helpful in many aspects.  It not only allows one to destress, but there are also other positives to mental health.  Being alone gives people time to think about everything they’ve accomplished during the week.  It also allows one to prepare for the events yet to come.  It can be a time of reflection and rejuvenation.

“I like spending time alone because it lets you de-stress,” said sophomore Jacey Jones.  “I typically listen to music, and it is just nice because it allows you to take a break.”

Some people feel awkward spending time alone, especially living the hectic lifestyle most people live, but there are many things one can do while they are alone.  Alone time is even important for people in a relationship.  I have seen first-hand how dependent people can be on others.  Spending time alone allows people to mature, find themselves, and become more independent.  

Though it is not bad to rely on others, if you too heavily depend on being around other people, when the time comes that you are forced to do things on your own, it may be more challenging.  For example, when you move, travel, or even go off to college, you’re going to be alone at some point and have to things independently.  Not allowing time to yourself may hinder your comfort of trying or experiencing new opportunities.  It could also blind yourself to the talents and abilities you have.  Some invest themselves so much in others that they do not even know their capabilities and talents.

“I spend time by myself by finding a quiet place and maybe playing some music and just thinking about everything,” said junior Robbie Reidy-Bialobok.  “I also think about how I can improve or change anything in my life to make it the best I can.  It is very important to spend time alone because it lets you reflect on yourself.”

Some things I personally like to do when taking time to myself is going record shopping, going to get coffee,  listening to music, watching a movie or series,  taking pictures, spending time in nature or even simply taking a nap.  When you are alone you should “treat yo self.”  Make yourself happy.  Pamper yourself by going to get your nails done, light some candles and take that bubble bath, eat that pizza and ice cream.  Put your phone down and don’t worry about all of the pressures of life worry about you, make yourself happy, be yourself and relax.

If you feel like just relaxing is not productive and is a waste of time, there are other things you can do to unwind.  Go to the gym or workout at home. Working out can help emotionally, physically and mentally. Another thing you could do is prepare yourself for the week to come by doing homework to get ahead, cleaning out or straightening up your binders or even planning out your schedule so you can allow yourself more time and less back-to-back activity.  Another thing you can do is meditation.  Though I personally don’t meditate often, I’ve heard great things about it.  It allows you to really connect yourself to the world and allows a stress to be lifted off your shoulders, getting you to overall feel happier.

For me, I value my alone time, it allows me to breathe and enjoy life.  School, friends, jobs, and the other pressures of life can be stressful and to be able to get away from all of that can be very refreshing.  Even if I just need to take a nap, I always feel so much better after taking some time for myself.