Does Crumbl Cookies live up to the hype?

October 28, 2021

The Crumbl Cookies company is becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms of all types. Customers are raving about the cookies, enjoying everything from their large size and attention to detail to the flavors and the many different cookie types available. However, despite the recent popularity, are Crumbl Cookies really as great as everyone says they are? Two Rooster staffers answer this question.

Crumbl Cookies does not live up to the hype

TikTok loves Crumbl Cookies, and that is apparent due to their 2.7 Million followers on the platform. Crumbl opened a location this past July in Winston-Salem, and it has become a hit with customers returning week after week to sample the new flavors. There are over 200 locations across the nation so far, and the chain brand cookie company is continuing to grow. However, does Crumbl really deserve the TikTok hype?

Crumbl Cookies features over 100 flavors that rotate out each week, with 4-5 different ones being on the menu at a time. The only constant is their Milk Chocolate Chip cookie which is always on the menu. Some popular and unusual flavors include Neapolitan, Pumpkin Pie, and Birthday Cake. With that being said, imagine buying a bizarre flavored cookie that you end up loving, and then realizing it won’t be on the menu again for months. Though the concept of a rotating menu is interesting in theory, customers may be disappointed by having to wait long periods of time for their favorite flavor to be back in the rotation.

The average store-bought chocolate chip cookie has about 80 calories in it. Crumbl Cookie’s “Famous” Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie has 550 calories. Yep, 550 calories in just one cookie. Is that intake really worth the lack of enjoyable taste? The cookies themselves are most commonly dry or tough, with the frosting being too sweet in comparison. Additionally, their large size is intimidating. If you are hoping to taste test that week’s menu by purchasing the four-pack of flavors, it is unlikely that you will be able to finish all the cookies in the box.

At Crumbl, a single cookie is sold for $3.48, and a pack of four is sold for $11.18. That is expensive pricing for moderate cookies. Compare Crumbl’s prices to those at local small business Baked Just SO who has two locations, Robinhood Village Shopping Center and Lewisville Shopping Center. A two-pack of Chocolate Chip Cookies costs $2.75, and different cookie pies and sandwiches cost $4.00 at most (those variations feature two cookies AND ice cream in between). If you really want to get your money’s worth on a tasty cookie, go support a local small business like Baked Just SO, whose quality is top tier!

Overall, Crumbl is a chain-brand cookie company that can’t beat the deliciousness of a small business’ cookie, or even a homemade one. Though their arrival in Winston-Salem was exciting, their performance has been underwhelming. Therefore, instead of spending your money on a large, overpriced cookie, I recommend supporting one of our many local small businesses. In their bakeries, you will never be disappointed.

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Crumbl Cookies lives up to the hype

Crumbl Cookies receives extremely high reviews and recommendations from many social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, as well as from many tens of thousands of individuals for their delectable, detailed cookies. Though the vast majority of online opinions about Crumbl Cookies are positive, is it really worth all the hype? 

A fan favorite attribute of Crumbl Cookies is their constantly rotating collection of cookies for sale. Every week, Crumbl Cookies rotates their “flavors of the week,” where they introduce a new line of flavors to try. During the week, those flavors will be the only ones available for purchase, regardless of the flavors that were for sale the week prior.

While many people would find their favorite flavor unavailable for an indeterminate time irksome, I find the new flavors refreshing. It gives people a chance to try new flavors, since many people stick to what they already know they like instead of branching out and exploring other possibilities. If your favorite cookie is “gone,” in the meantime, find a new favorite cookie.

Pricing is another area of debate. The price for a single cookie is $3.48, while for a box of four, the price falls around $11.18. While these prices may seem exorbitant, the size, quality and detail of these cookies must be taken into consideration. 

Crumbl Cookies are rather large, and for me, just one was enough to make me extremely full. Thus, a single person will most likely not be spending roughly $11 for four cookies to devour in one sitting. The quality of the cookies is high; my Brownie Batter cookie was delicious, as the chocolate flavor was neither underwhelming or overwhelming, and reminded me perfectly of the brownies my mother and I used to make.

The cookies are also very detailed. The Golden Oreo cookie was warm, while the cream cheese icing was cool. There were also Goldren Oreo crumbs sprinkled on the icing and a mini Oreo on top as well. There is effort and care in each cookie prepared for the customer, as well as high quality and large size. So in reality, I think that what Crumbl Cookies charges isn’t outlandish taking into account the caliber of cookie they provide.

The cleanliness of the store and the patience of the staff was also to the standards I expected. The decor consists of light pink, grey and black, and gives the place a youthful, modern vibe, which I really like.

The staff is also very friendly and patient, giving customers plenty of time to order, and then preparing the cookies in front of them. They definitely seem as friendly and welcoming as the workers featured on the official Crumbl Cookies TikTok page. I am very impressed with their expedient service.

To me, Crumbl Cookies definitely lives up to their stellar reviews and raving fans. The cookies are delicious, the selection fresh and interesting and the atmosphere youthful and welcoming. I would definitely return, and I’d recommend that any fan of cookies would pay Crumbl Cookies a visit to experience for themselves why their cookies make the competition “crumbl.”

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