Rating Raider’s Rooms


Madison Hepler

Matthew Fossa receives a rating of 6/10 for his zoom background. During online learning, students have gotten a sneak peak into some of their teachers’ homes.

Emma Rose Olsen and Madison Hepler

Chris Borkowski deserves a 5/10 for his room. Nice window structure,

but still very bland. His smile definitely gave him some extra points.

Bradley Sawyer’s background is very bland with a plain greenscreen,

but rumor has it that he never puts it to use. For that, he gets a 4/10.

Jenn Janus’s background has some spice to it with the fake window

featuring Glinda the giraffe. Her personality really shines through.

So for that, 8/10.

We appreciate Kay Endriss’ use of virtual backgrounds to show off the

headquarters for the Winston Salem Journal. The addition of the

scrapbook filter brings her to a 9/10 for creativity.

If you look close enough you can catch a glimpse of Kyle Luth’s greenery,

but the real takeaway here is his interesting artwork. He gets a 7/10.

In front of a pretty bland background is Matthew Fossa, accompanied

by two honeycomb wall decors and a big thumbs up for his students.

Overall, receiving a 6/10.

Shannon Overby decided to be surrounded by the comfort of her own

home with not only the brick fireplace in the background but also

the baseball hat collection. She deserves a 7/10.

Molly Harwell and Erin Astuto are in the well-loved

dance studio at Reagan for their zoom classes. This

creates a familiar and school like atmosphere for

the virtual students, receiving a 9/10.