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How to entertain yourself during quarantine

Staff Editorial

Get Active! Work out with your family, follow YouTube videos, or go on a walk.

Read a fun book or series. Audible is currently offering select audiobooks for free.

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Take a nap.

Solve a puzzle.

Find a new hobby, like painting or embroidery. You can order supplies on Amazon or order from Michael’s, where they are currently offering curbside pick-up.

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Start a journal as a way to let go of what is on your mind (bullet journaling works too!)

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Write letters to nursing homes.

Watch a movie or TV show with Netflix Party.

Put together a Pinterest board to try to envision your life post-quarantine.

Finally clean out your closet, dresser, or whatever needs to be reorganized. I know you have nothing better to do.

Transform your living room into a hideaway: blanket fort, fairy lights, popcorn and a movie (or few).

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Make your house the ideal stay-cation. If you have a back porch or patio, clean it up, repaint it, rearrange it. It’s like you’re not trapped in your own home! To add some ambiance, put on some ocean sounds in the background and close your eyes.

Consider donating, if you have the means necessary, to local charities or organizations helping people in the midst of all of this chaos.

Last but not least (if you haven’t done so already): dye or cut your hair. Do something to it that you’ve always wanted to; no one is going to see you except the people living in your house (you better not be breaking quarantine or social distancing) so what’s the harm if it ends up not quite like you thought it was?