Gamers play together in new Gaming Club


Tori Suhre, Rooster Reporter

Reagan has countless special interest clubs. The newest club edition is the Gaming Club. The Gaming Club started after voting during an Inter-Club Council (ICC) meeting on Oct. 24. It won the majority vote to be admitted as an official club, 17-3.

The club meets every other Thursday and is divided into three different departments: video games, board games and card games.

 Each category has a representative and a handful of council members. They vote on which games to play in the near future. The video game representative is Treshaun Freeman, the card game representative is Zoe Jaworski, and Joseph Busbin is the board games representative. Eli Bounds is the founder and president of the Games Club. He runs it alongside with Abby Rapier. Ethan Rapier is the vice president.

“The main idea of the Games Club is to have fun,” Bounds said. 

The point of starting the Games Club was to provide a place to play games without bothering teachers and without judgement from their student peers. They try to play a variety of games and try as many games as possible. 

For their first meeting, they played “One Night Ultimate Werewolf” which is a roleplay mystery game that involves the players trying to figure out which of the other players are werewolves. They keep the games that are played randomized to appeal to everyone in the club.

 The Games Club is open to anyone and they invite all students to suggest whatever games they want. The game has to be provided by someone in the club.  

Reagan welcomes this new club for the 2019-2020 school year. This new edition will bring together a community of gamers as well as provide a new array of fun activities for any Raider who wants to participate.