Netflix’s film, “Bird Box” puts an interesting new spin on the post-apocalyptic genre

Sam Graham, Sports Editor

Netflix began releasing their own original films and series in February of 2013 when it released the series, “House of Cards.” Since the first airing of “House of Cards,” (which is in its sixth season), Netflix has released a plethora of original content. Their latest home run is the movie, “Bird Box,” which was released December 13, 2018.
Many people may be starting to get tired of the apocalyptic movie idea but “Bird Box” puts a very interesting spin on it. Forget zombies, aliens, or robots taking over the world. In this drama/thriller, the apocalypse results from an entity that the viewer is never shown. If you look directly at the entity, it shows you your worst fears and makes you commit suicide.
The movie opens with Malorie (Sandra Bullock) giving her two children instructions pertaining to a “trip” they are about to go on. After this, the movie takes the viewer back to a pre-apocalypse time where Malorie is with her sister (Sarah Paulson). The two are leaving the hospital after a checkup on pregnant Malorie when the entity arrives in America.
Throughout the film, the viewer is taken back and forth between the present and the past as the characters are introduced to new threats in the apocalyptic world.
“Bird Box” is not like the “Walking Dead,” “World War Z,” “I am Legend,” or any other spin on the apocalypse idea.
As someone who can’t even navigate through his own house with my eyes closed, I can’t imagine living in a world in which every time you go outside or even come upon an unshaded window, you must have a blindfold on.
On top of that, the film puts Malorie in a situation of raising two children in this post-apocalyptic world. Children that can’t go outside and play, children who have to obey every command by their mother or they may die.
The movie does open up a few inaccuracies or unrealistic situations, but nothing that keeps the plot from unfolding very well. And sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy the movie.
To avoid any confusion, “Bird Box” is not a horror movie. There aren’t a lot of jumping out of your seat scares. It’s more of a movie that makes you think, or imagine if you could survive in the situation the characters are in. So for anyone who may be holding it up to this standard, the point is not to scare you out of your seat.
For anyone who liked the movie “A Quiet Place,” which aired earlier in 2018, I believe you will enjoy “Bird Box,” as it has a very similar premise but with less of the ‘scary’ quality.
From the suspenseful plot development, to a very solid cast, “Bird Box” doesn’t leave much more to be desired. It was my favorite Netflix Original since “Stranger Things” and one of my favorite movies of 2018.