Winston-Salem Journalist visits the Rooster


Madison Helper

Journalist Jenny Drabble poses for a picture. Drabble is a Reagan Alumni.

Madison Hepler and Omni McCollum

Do the activities you take part in in high school affect your life and your career? The answer for Jenny Drabble is yes. On Tuesday, Sept 11 Reagan alumna Drabble visited English teacher Shannon Overby’s newspaper class to answer questions and give advice.

Drabble attended Reagan from 2007-2011, not long after it was built. She was on the  Reagan’s Newspaper, the Rooster, staff. Drabble has always enjoyed writing, but working on the Rooster was a whole different experience. The staff showed her what life is like for a journalist.

“Working at the Rooster was a great introduction into journalism and prepared me for the UNC Journalism school and for working at the Daily Tar Heel, where I had to work under stricter deadlines,” Drabble said.

Drabble continued to return to Reagan to visit her younger brother Ryan Drabble, last year’s student body president. She has seen the school undergo many changes over the years like the addition of the 600 hall and many changes in the teaching staff.

“Every time I’ve come back to watch my brother, Ryan, play soccer at Reagan over the past four years (he graduated in June), it seemed like the school had grown and flourished,” Drabble said.

Although she now has a full time job at the Winston-Salem Journal, Drabble warned the current Rooster staff that being a journalist is not always easy, but it is very rewarding if you don’t give up. She loves the human aspect of journalism and being “the voice box of the people.”

“My favorite part about journalism is the opportunity to tell people’s stories. I believe everyone has a story to tell and I like having the opportunity to find the magic in this world,” Drabble said.

Over the years, Drabble’s career goals have evolved as she is still growing and learning. Running has always been one of her passions because she ran track and cross country for Reagan. Drabble has considered working for a running or even a travel magazine. However, Drabble is content with working on the Winston-Salem Journal. She loves her community and the people she works with.

“I think whatever I end up doing down the road, I want to continue to out positive news into the world, amid all the bad that happens on a daily basis, and continue telling people’s stories,” said Drabble.