Renowned Subs of Reagan

When your teacher is out, there’s always one sub that you have your fingers crossed for. The most regular subs, according to the office, are Ginna Patterson, Lori Blackman, Richard Rodden, Charles Conner, Mike Mabe and Doreen Mabe. Although among students, Mike Mabe is the most popular.

One of Reagan students’ favorite thing about Mabe is when he pulls out inspirational quotes at the beginning of class.

“He always takes time out of his day to tell the class interesting stories,” said senior Rachael Crawford. “He makes us feel involved in whatever lesson is planned. He definitely knows how to brighten your day.”

Juniors Kasie Welch and Sam Mackie agree, saying they like when he gives entertaining and encouraging quotes at the beginning of class.

“Mr. Mabe is so sweet and caring and always has a quote of the day for us,” said sophomore Riley Bostian.

Mike Mabe also often talks about his days when he was in the Vietnam War, which is popular among both teachers and students alike.

Having Mr. Mabe speak with my students regarding his experiences in Vietnam is one of my favorite parts of teaching American History II,” said Scott McAbee, an American History teacher. “While there are some Vietnam veterans who have a difficult time discussing their service, Mr. Mabe is open about how Vietnam impacted his life.  He also provides first-hand accounts of what life was life during the adjustment period coming home in the 1960s.”  

Mabe has been subbing at RHS since its opening in 2005, and for a total of 850 days overall.

“I love RHS because of the enthusiasm of staff and students and the high quality ambitions of most students,” Mabe said.

Richard Rodden primarily subs for the Exceptional Children department. He was previously a chief probation officer but didn’t want to be obligated to a permanent job.

“My favorite thing about Reagan is the friendliness of students, faculty and staff,” said Rodden,“I never saw that at other schools.”

He has been subbing at Reagan since it opened, and has traveled around the school system subbing, but now primarily subs here.

Charles Conner has been a substitute teacher at Reagan for the past five years, as well as an interim assistant principal, the acting assistant principal until a new one is hired, in varying schools around WSFCS.

Conner was a teacher at Old Town Elementary and Paisley Magnet School, assistant principal at Brunson Elementary and principal at West Yadkin Elementary. At Old Town, Conner taught current Reagan teachers Chris Pinnix and Jeff Overby, and at Paisley, he taught Andrea Reavis, the testing coordinator here. He also hired technology teacher Ryan Crater when he was principal at West Yadkin.

“He’s down to earth,” Pinnix said. “He really enjoys talking to students and getting to know them, not just coming in, taking roll and telling them to be quiet and to do their work.”

Pinnix also said how great he is with relating with students. Pinnix was a student of Conner’s in the 1970s, and Conner still relates to students in the 2010s, 40 years later.

“You could tell he truly loved kids by the smile he wore to work everyday,” Crater said.

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