Band of Raiders wins Grand Champion 3 out of 5 times

Marching Band has a successful season overall

Kayleigha McIntyre, Rooster Reporter

The Reagan Band of Raiders has a history of outstanding performances, and this marching band season was no different. The band places priority on improving the quality of music. Since 2005, they have received over 10 grand championships at contests.

“Going into the season, our goals were to play the best we have ever played and march better as well,” said Andrew Craft, marching band’s director. “And we achieved that goal.”

When the marching band competes, they go up against one to four other bands in their class and around 15 to 20 schools in total. The band was Grand Champion in three out of the five competitions, which is the overall winner at a competition. They placed at South Caldwell, North Iredell and East Surry. Their biggest competitor was East Davidson, whom the band has a friendly rivalry with.

A new addition to the band this year was new uniforms. The old uniforms were 10 years old.

“It was time for new uniforms,” Craft said. “The other ones were very old school, and it got the kids excited.”

After so long of having the old uniforms, it was time for a change. Senior band members were most excited for the change having had to deal with the aged uniforms for three years.

“The new uniforms were the best way to end my years in marching band,” said Nick Cornish, a senior and section leader in marching band.

The marching band also performed at varsity football games with their new “Spring” show, playing songs such as “Overture in Spring,” “Waltz of the Flowers,” and “Appalachian Spring.” The show was much more physical, and there were more visual components like dancing.

“The spring show was difficult, intricate, and came out to be amazing because of the sheer size and capability of the band,” said freshman and marching band member Elayna Robberson.

The Band of Raiders have received superior ratings at the majority of competitions for over 10 years and shows no sign of slowing down.