Reagan’s Silent Hero: Teachers say good-bye to very important staff member


Haylie Paulin

Betty Jo Martin embraces a faculty member on her last day at Reagan. Martin retired on Oct. 31 after 11 years at Reagan.

There are a lot of staff members at Reagan, many of whom are very well-known to the students, while others are rarely heard of in their time at Reagan.

One faculty member who has been instrumental in making the teachers’ lives easier, which ultimately makes the students’ lives easier, is Betty Jo Martin. She has been the only data manager at Reagan since 2005.

  Many students do not know her or much about her job, but every single student is directly affected by what she does: making sure grades get in, printing and checking report cards and creating schedules to fit every student, just to name a few.

 “She has helped me so many times with PowerSchool and helping work out the small errors in the grades,” said biology teacher Anne Kennedy. “She is always very calm, helpful and supportive.”

  After more than 11 years at Reagan, Martin retired on Monday, Oct. 31. Teachers and staff held a party to say one last good-bye to their “silent hero.”

 When the last bell rang on that Monday, they gathered in the media center for cake, while many shared stories, gifts  and laughs remembering Martin’s time at Reagan.

In this business, it’s hard to not hear a negative comment about a faculty member and I’ve never heard anybody ever say anything bad about Betty Jo.”

— Reagan's first principal Stan Elrod about Martin


On top of the many stories shared about Martin, Kennedy shared a poem she wrote capturing the special moments of Martin’s life. She mentioned how the teachers felt about her job and how grateful they were that she was always willing to help.

 Martin was very dedicated to her job, even taking work home. She did anything to go the extra mile to make faculties’ live easier.

“I think the most important job I have is making sure the grades are correct and to also help the parents and students with their online accounts,” Martin said. “Time accuracy and correctness are qualities that are necessary for my job.”

Even though Martin is retired, her expertise and knowledge will truly be missed, even though she is just a phone call away.

“I’m sad to be leaving the wonderful teachers that I have working with for so long, but I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and new adventures to come,” Martin said.

Starting Nov, 1, former cafeteria manager, Michael Harrold, will take over the roll as data manager. “I have some big shoes to fill and I will do my best to make you and Betty Jo proud,” Harrold said.